Friday, November 09, 2007

Salt Bi-weekly challenge

Here's our latest challenge for you all to have ago at!

"And I (Lythan) would like you to carry on singing through this week's challenge
From the hymnbook...take your inspiration from a hymn or song that means
a lot for your faith
Old hymn, new song, overtly Christian or kind of hidden, God speaks to us in music in all sorts of ways.I can't wait to see your response!"
So, I was looking at this photo of my girl and her cousin and thought to myself how amazing our creator God is and that He is the giver of life. He takes so much care in creating us all so individually.




amanda said...

Love it. Especially the stamping around the photo. Is that your handwriting on the let side?

Hazel said...

That's a very special photo and a beautiful LO. You're right, He makes each one of us so special.

Karen L said...

Love that hymn Casey - has nostalgic meaning to me too - loved singing this when I was young. Love your take on it too. Love your stamping. Gorgeous.

Kim said...

Wonderful Casey (sorry for my late comment!) :-) I sing this song to both of my kids almost every night.