Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Latest creation

Well strictly speaking, one of my latest creations is actually God's! Yep, the cherub on the right is the newest member of our family! Darling little man :-)

The other is a layout I made for my husband for his birthday. I love the wording on it "before you were conceived I WANTED YOU; before you were born I LOVED YOU; before you were an hour old I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU"

It chokes me up every time I read it and it choked up my husband when I gave the layout to him. It has double the meaning for us because we nearly lost this cherub before he was a minute old and once again before he was a week old! THANKYOU GOD FOR THIS GORGEOUS BLESSING!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Karen L said...

Beautiful layout Casey, and I can see why the wording would choke you up. Just gorgeous. Think I might have to keep me a copy of those words also.