Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new project to share

Ok so I know this isn't papercraft, but his is my first ever attempt at embroidery. I loved making it.

Also the reason I chose to do this and the reason behind my lack of blogging is that we are expecting baby # 3. WE are super excited :-) Up until now(we are just over half way), I have only been able to do short bursts of craft. Embroidery was something I could do when I felt sick or too tired to sit and do a big papercraft project.

Thankyou creator for this new life!


Karen said...

Casey your cushion looks just beautiful. it is nice to tackle something new. I have been busy knitting this winter, and have enjoyed it for the same reasons as you. It has been quite a stressful year this year, and the knitting has allowed me to do something even when I feel to tired to think to much about doing stuff at all.

Karen said...

Opps I forgot to say Casey, congratulations to you and Michael on the exciting news of baby number three.

Michelle said...

That is so gorgeous Casey! How clever are you??? I don't think I did any craft with either of my pregnancies nor for at least 12months after they were born lol!!

Kathie said...

Congratulations on the baby news!! I love babies, just ask my dear friend Sue!! I am just going through my blog list and thought that it's about time I dropped in to see you!! By the way that pillow is beautiful!!

Shyra said...

Oh so cute...and I love red! :o)