Thursday, March 13, 2008

This fortnight at SALT, I (Casey) want you all to think about and maybe create a piece of art that conveys a message of being His princess! When I first heard that term (HIS PRINCESS) I thought it sounded a bit over the top...but then after reading the Bible and listening to other messages, I realised that we are daughters of THE King.

So, daughters of a King are referred to as princesses.

So, how does it feel for you to be His Princess?

Here's a card I made for my friend's daughter Paris, for her birthday.

It's great to let the next generation know that God cherishes them!




Hazel said...

What a lovely idea to send this beautiful card to Paris - and what a super topic for this challenge

mamaluke said...

what a sweet card and great idea, I got there in the end with my creation, took a few days to think it through!

esther said...

what a lovely little reminder! simple and effective